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Private offices starting at $550 per month



Introducing Collective Executive (CEO) Offices, a dynamic co-working space opening in Hamilton, Ontario. 


Introducing Collective Executive (CEO) Offices, a dynamic co-working space in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Restored by real estate investor Melissa Carrington and designed by HGTV interior designer Bilha Kangethe, this 70-year-old infrastructure offers six office spaces, a coworking area, a kitchen, a meeting room, and a podcast/content creation studio. 

With flexible memberships for monthly, weekly, and daily access, join us in a space where innovation meets heritage and collaboration thrives.



Explore Collective Executive Offices (CEO), a beautifully restored 70-year-old property in Hamilton, exquisitely designed and infused with warmth, elegance, and carefully curated artistic touches.


Partnering with renowned HGTV designer Bilha, our vision was to create a vibrant yet distinctly feminine atmosphere, reflective of our womanowned business ethos. 

Embracing the space’s 70-year-old charm, we’ve incorporated contemporary finishes that pay homage to its history while infusing it with a fresh, modern appeal. 

This fusion of old-world charm and contemporary flair creates a creative dynamic and inviting environment.


  • The open workspace will have the wifi posted. The private offices will have their own personal IP address and password.

    • Private offices have 24-hour access 

    • Co-working hours: 9 am - 5 pm, seven days a week

  • Private Workspace

    • Private Office

      • For up to 2 people.

      • Private office spaces. Option to be furnished. 

    • Office Suite

      • For 4 - 20 people.

      • Furnished office space via add-ons.

      • Full Floor Office

      • For 8 or more people.

      • Fully furnished offices via add-ons on the main and second floors.

    • Full Floor Office

      • For 8 or more people.

      • Fully furnished offices via add-ons on the main and second floors.

    Coworking Access

    • CEO on Demand

      • For individuals.

      • Access to hot chairs; meeting rooms available by the hour.

      • No monthly commitment.

    • CEO All Access

      • For individuals and small groups.

      • Access to our co-working daily desk, and meeting rooms.

      • Multiple membership levels depending on your needs.

      • Monthly commitment.

  • We love our furry friends! We just ask that they stay off of the furniture. Private offices are also welcome to bring their companions to work.



Currently available HAUTE MÉTAL (2024) & Milk & Honey (2021)

Wilks Chaplin is an independent artist renowned for her innovative use of texture in her work. Her artistic journey has taken her to prestigious venues such as the Louvre in France and Times Square in New York, where her captivating pieces have left a lasting impression.


With a unique ability to evoke emotion through tactile elements, Wilks continues to push boundaries in the contemporary art scene. Learn more about the artist and her pieces here.



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